This pendant is made using rare vintage tin dating back from the 1920's to the 1930's. The circular domed shape of the tin shows off the fan in a gold colour with hints of red. The front of the pendent has a clear varnish to keep it in good condition and the back is finished with a black varnish.


From the pendant hangs an enamel drop which is made using hot enamels. A technique using glass which is melted at a high temperature to produce this wonderful colour. The amber drop enhances the golds and reds within the pendant. The enamel drop is handmade with Eco fine silver.
A beautiful artisan piece all individually made and one of a kind.


The pendent comes on a 18" sterling silver twist chain.

The width of the pendent is 15mm and length 22mm.


You will receive your jewellery in a ECO friendly jewellery box. The postal packaging has an FSC mark which guarantees that all materials come from an FSC forest giving better protection for animals and plant life.



Vintage Tin with Enamel Drop - Small

  • I recommend that jewellery is kept in a box or bag to prevent it from tarnishing and cleaning is carried out with soap and water or a jewellery polishing cloth to retain its shine.

    To preserve the condition of your jewellery it is best to avoid wearing it in the swimming pool (chlorine) or in the sea (salt water). Avoid perfumes sprayed directly onto your jewellery as this will cause tarnishing and discoloration.